Hey There! I'm Lindsey

I build intentional websites for Wellpreneurs, like yourself, so that you can grow your business or practice with a website that does the work for you by converting casual browsers into excited, paying clients.

You're a Wellpreneur & Natural Health Professional, & you're here because you need help with your website -

Websites for Natural Health & Wellness - About Lindsey

Whether you're a masseuse, acupuncturist, aromatherapist, chiropractor, nutritionist, health coach, etc., you're in the right place.

I help natural health and wellness professionals, like yourself, get your website not only up and running, but converting visitors into paying customers, who will continue to book appointments with you for years to come.

Maybe your website is lackluster, and looks like every other website out there for someone in your industry. Or maybe you have a "pretty" website but it's not doing what you want it to (hint: make you money). Maybe you just don't have the time or patience to do it all yourself.

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That's Where I Come In

I design websites for wellpreneurs; intentionally built to convert visitors into paying customers that will keep coming back to you for years to come.

I build websites for wellpreneurs in WordPress, making it easy for changes to be made later on down the road, whether it's adding more team members, changing your services, or adding on an ecommerce section to sell your products online.

Not everyone is ready for a full blown, large scale website, and that's cool.

Flexibility is my forte.

You may only need a landing page when you're just starting out.

Or maybe you want to get your entire inventory online to start selling immediately. Let's do it!

Your natural health and wellness business is as unique as you are, and websites should never be one-size-fits-most. That's why you won't find strict packages listed on my website. You'll find price starting points, and we will work together to customize a package just for your budget, and business or practice.

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Want to know a little more about me? Awe, shucks, I'm flattered!


I'm from a small little town outside of Buffalo, NY, where it is literally a "Small Town USA" town, and a "Right to Farm Community". I graduated from Alden High School with 150-ish people in my graduating class. Go Bulldogs! And, yes, I still live in my hometown, where I plan to raise kiddos of my own one day.

I went to school at Erie Community College, and University at Buffalo for Business Administration, and concentrated in marketing.

My love for marketing started when I was in high school, and boy, has it grown into a full fledged obsession.

I did the 9-5 gig for a while, and while I learned a LOT, I knew there was more out there that I could learn.

I'm a self taught web designer and developer, starting way back in the MySpace days, coming up with code snippets to add this or that to my profile. (Yes, I'm THAT MySpace girl from back in the day. #noshame)

From then, I've continued to grow in my coding, and design knowledge, taking several on-line courses, and continually researching, learning, and implementing new techniques to help small business owners like yourself grow their businesses online through smart website planning and design.

I partner with several agencies, designing websites for wellpreneurs, and other marketing materials. & I am always interested in new opportunities.

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I've been in business since 2013, and have had two web design businesses. Hut Marketing & Design LLC is my baby, my first born business child. Blkwtr Web Design is the fruit of my labor; I learned that I LOVE designing, building, and working on websites for wellpreneurs. I picked up on the types of people and personalities that jive well with what I do, and what styles I'm inclined towards, which allows me to put out some of my best work yet, creating some of the happiest clients around!

Natural health has always been a priority of mine.

I was vegan for a year, and vegetarian for 4 years. I've studied a lot about how food is medicine (or poison), and the effects of each on your body

I love my essential oils. My husband calls me the "Veronica" (from Shameless) of essential oils. If I had a cabinet of drugs like her, it would be essential oils, teas, and natural remedies for whatever ails you.

I stay active with horseback riding, scuba diving, yoga, hiking, kayaking, and snowboarding when the weather allows. I LOVE CAMPING, TRAVELING AND SEEING NEW PLACES. Can I get an AMEN?!

I'm currently in love with Fitness Blender. Definitely check them out if you're in need of some direction on a budget!

Massage, acupuncture, and chiropractic visits are THE BEST.

I'm an active member of my church, with a wonderful community of people, and you'll regularly see me post about my latest online Bible study either from P31, or a book I happened upon in my travels.

Mike and I just got married on August 18th, 2018!

My other half (husband), my pooch (dog), and my kee (cat), are my world.

All of the above has saved me from depression and anxiety.

If you need to talk, about anything, please send a message.

I am here for you, and I am happy to listen.

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