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Black Friday Deals for Wellpreneurs

black friday deals for wellpreneurs

Get ’em while it’s hot! 1.Blkwtr Web Design – $100 off of basic web design service & $250 off of the advanced web design service! DANG GUYS! This won’t last long at all. Only available from Friday, 11/23 – 11/26. Sign Up Here: & mention code BLKFRIYAY in the comments section! 2. Wellpreneur Planner: A…

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Plugin Recommendation for Wellpreneurs using WordPress

Hey Wellpreneurs! I have been building away with client’s websites and other fun projects! Check out my Instagram for the latest and greatest: HERE In my building escapades, I’ve discovered this AMAZING program that will style your MindBody widgets beautifully! It’s called MB Spirit, and its amazingly affordable. If you were to book one additional…

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Quick Tip: Increase the Font Size in your MindBody Widget

quick tip snippet change the font size in your mindbody widget

Quick Tip: Is your font too small in your MindBody widget on your website? Use this code, and adjust the font size as you need: p, div { font-size: 17px !important; } You’ll place this code in your MindBody Branded Web Manager, under the widget that needs a larger font. There is a space for…

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Creating an Emergency Readiness Plan

You never know when disaster may strike, shouldn’t you be ready? Creating an emergency readiness plan is essential to every business in every niche. We are all in business to work with, or for other people, and those other people would need to know if something were to happen to you, or your business. Do…

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Mind & Matter Well Being

mind matter well being

I’m so excited to announce the launch of Mind & Matter Well Being! Arlynn is an AMAZING massage therapist and is always working to improve her practice any chance she gets. She needed a website that reflected the calm, peaceful atmosphere that her office embodies, and man, did we nail it. With the cool earthy…

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hOMe Collective

I am SO excited about this project with hOMe Collective. hOMe Collective is an amazing studio out in Colorado, near Denver, where a LOT of amazing things are happening. They’re your one stop shop for all things wellness. From yoga, to reiki, and massage to talk therapy, they pretty much do it all, and very…

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Mayra Luz Coaching

mayra luz coaching

Mayra Luz Coaching is a Holistic Health and Wellness company run by Mayra Colon out of Buffalo, NY. She operates primarily online, so it was imperative that her website was in tip top shape, and able to handle funneling visitors into the areas she needed them to go. She was off to a GREAT start…

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Z Plane Wellness

z plane wellness

The Z Plane Wellness website was a very fun one page starter site that I did for Lina. She needed to start funneling people into her email list, so that she can start growing her reach that way. We worked together to pick out the perfect layout for her business, and made sure to integrate…

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The All Inclusive & Ultimate Guide to Finding Wellness Clients Online

finding your next wellness clients online

Buckle up you guys, this is going to be a big one. I’ve compiled this all inclusive, and slightly exhausting list of how to find wellness clients online. Some of these will work better for certain businesses, than others, as with any list you’ll find out there. My suggestion is to test out ideas that…

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