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the exceptionally high cost of multitasking

The Exceptionally High Cost of Multitasking

By Lindsey | February 26, 2022

The exceptionally high cost of multitasking – We’re all a little guilty of this. Ten minutes scrolling Facebook; responding to an email during a call; getting the kids a snack while trying to put together a blog post; it’s all the same, essentially. Right? It might sound pretty efficient, but…

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3 super simple copywriting tips

3 Super Simple Copywriting Tips

By Lindsey | January 18, 2022

Whether you’re writing emails to your list, writing a sales page, or social media posts, or what have you… what you write (copywriting) is very important. Which sounds obvious – but I’m talking about the specific words you choose which will either make or break the success of your message.…

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blkwtr web design your website is driving away your visitors and how to fix it

10 Ways Your Website Is Driving Customers Away

By Lindsey | November 29, 2021

There are a few things preemptively that will drive people elsewhere when it comes to finding your website in the first place, but that’s for another post. THIS post is all about keeping people on your website, and not scaring them away with basic web design concepts. It sounds intimidating,…

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writers block be gone for health and wellness professionals

I Don’t Buy into Writer’s Block. Do you?

By Anna Bulszewicz | November 15, 2021

I intend to provide ease and peace of mind in this blog post. As a professional communicator, I’ve worn many “helmets” over the years. Yes, helmets, not hats. I chose helmets instead of hats because one tiny writing or communication error, and just like that, you’re down! A hat ain’t…

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Why things have felt so hard and how to find your business flow

By Kristen Toscano | October 18, 2021

In the first 4 years running my wellness business, I was spending so much $$$ on courses to learn the next strategy that would finally make my business a success. I found myself doing the same niche exercise over and over again…squeezing myself into the box of holistic pain care…

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Color Coordination – Pantone Color Trends of 2021

By Mei Designs | October 7, 2021

with Mei Yee Leong Selecting the right colors for your designs is essential to portraying the correct tone, mood and overall look and feel. Blue can convey harmony, tranquillity, green can convey health and vitality and yellow can convey joy and happiness. Colors should also be chosen, based on color…

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How to Get Google to Like You

By Lindsey | September 24, 2021

Creating SEO-friendly content is a big part of what I do in developing my client’s websites, and there is a boat-load to understand in order to make the most of it. So, what better place to start than with the persnickity Google-machine itself? Keep reading for 7 easy ways to…

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Time Management and Organization

By Mei Designs | August 10, 2021

with Mei Yee Leong Virtual Assistance is a multi-faceted, multi-pronged, job. It’s not easy. With everything I have to handle, I have to make sure to manage my time effectively and productively. There’s only so many days in a week and so many hours in a day, and much work…

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The Best Times to Post on Social Media

By Lindsey | July 11, 2021

Sprout Social’s updated listings offer data on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Sprout Social recently updated it’s listings of the best time to post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, based on the activity of 25,000 Sprout users. The data is broken down by platform, overall engagement and industry.

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There Has Been A Critical Error On This Website. – RESOLVED

By Lindsey | April 15, 2021

So you’re trying to log in, or what have you, and you’re hit with a notice “There Has Been A Critical Error On This Website.” UGH! First step to fix this is to log into your hosting account and get access to your website’s files. This is a bit more…

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5 Signs Your Health & Wellness Website Needs Work

By Lindsey | July 21, 2020

Do you already know you need help with your website? Contact us today for a free consultation – @blkwtrdesign

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