Special Pricing for 2019

You may have noticed on my Instagram that there have been a couple of posts about increased pricing for 2019. Today I am diving a little deeper into the WHY of raising my prices.

  1. I have much more valuable insight into the wellpreneur, fitness and nutrition world. I have worked with many happy coaches, and have overhauled my processes so that I can BEST serve YOU and your business.
  2. I’ve learned a LOT in the web design arena. I take regular courses from Erin Flynn, a coach for web designers and developers, along with courses in skillshare, and I am constantly bringing more and high end value to the web design “table”
  3. I’ve created quite a few “test” sites to better improve my skills. This allows me to test out features that a client may not need just yet, but is something I am prepared for, should an amazing client come along who might need said features. This type of tweaking and digging is so much fun for me. But being prepared for a client who might want these features is key. I am always researching what the next big thing might be, and testing, re-testing, and extra re-testing to nail down these features before I implement them on a site. (#score)
  4. And finally, the most obvious reason, the cost of living is increasing. I too need to be able to buy my family groceries and pay my bills… don’t we all. #thestruggle.

If you have any questions about my decision, please let me know in the comments. I’m happy to discuss this with you!

If you’ve made it this far, mention code “2018DISCOUNT” in our correspondence, and I will honor my 2018 pricing until the end of February 2019! Get in touch today!

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